Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Damn Girl, What You Been Eating?

I've decided that maybe the reason I never post on here is because I don't like you. Yeah, you know who you are, sitting there all smug, reading this like you know me, just get out of here.

And go get a job you hippies.

You're lucky I don't know anything about politics or I'd probably have all sorts of stupid ass outrageous opinions that I'd try to force on everybody else. 

I can't wait until Skynet takes over and plummets the world into a horrifying robot apocalypse. That'll teach you all to walk around being people and doing people things.

Or Megatron, I wouldn't mind that one either.

Either way works for me as long as you're all being enslaved by your microwaves and such.

If you haven't checked out my Twitter yet, don't, because I hate everyone over there.

Speaking of douche bags, Google+ was all like "Hey Bro, you should like totally switch from Blogger to G+ and like yeah Bro, just do it!"

That's right, Google talks like a giant tool, you didn't know? Where the hell have you been?

See you in a couple months?