Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not Tuesday

You may have noticed that is it not Tuesday.

For once it's not that I'm late, lazy, or both. I have decided to post only once a week for now, and that once being Wednesday.

In the spirit of keeping up with other shit I have to do, least of which is to find a steady income, I would also like to maybe focus what very small amount of writing and creative thought I may glimmer from time to time, on other projects. So for now I'm going to attempt a once a week posting schedule. On Wednesdays.

Oh and I plan on changing this thing up one of these days/weeks/months. A lot. Because come on. Don't even.

How sad is it that Paul Walker just up and died, in a cool car going fast, that crashed, caught fire, and exploded.

Which is exactly how his character in the "The Fast and the Furious" movies likely would of eventually died. What kind of sick cosmic irony is that?

I guess he died how he lived.

Hopefully I don't die while not living up to my potential, in my apartment, mid-afternoon, jobless, without pants, and eating chicken nuggets.

See you guys next Humpday. You freaks.