Friday, June 15, 2012

The Customer is Always Right

Bullshit. I'm calling bullshit on that. If you've ever worked customer service I'm sure you've found that it is quite the opposite story.

The customer is usually confused and mislead. They don't really understand what they want or how it works. They try to abuse the coupon systems and often feel that they can "find it cheaper online".

Can you? Can you find it cheaper online? Well then why the fuck are you in my store? Get the fuck out and buy it online you rude asshole. Coming into MY HOUSE and telling me my shit is overpriced, I ought to stab you in the neck. Fuck you.

Not to mention that customers often find it necessary to treat me like a big piece of shit, like I'm the enemy, like I'm out to steal their money and inconvenience their day. I've had more than a few old people almost jump the counter and attack me over shit like .40 cents. They'll even inconvenience themselves and waste everyone's time, mine, theirs', the customers in line behind them, everyone's. All over a misunderstanding involving a coupon that literally saves them such minimal amounts of money that it would be laughable if it wasn't so flipping ignorant.

Don't get me started on the condescending looks and rude names some feel the need to give. Oh I'm sorry, you want this outdated coupon to get you two gallons of milk for a different amount than is even on the invalid coupon? Oh you're right, I MUST be a fucking idiot, I'm sorry sir, here, here is your piss off. Piss off you old rude shit.

If you need something by tomorrow morning and you assume I have it, and I don't, it's not my fucking fault if you don't have time to find it somewhere else. Don't bitch at me about you're own stupid ass not planning ahead. I don't give a shit who promised you that we sold whatever dumb ass adapter you need for your trip to Europe. Did I tell you we sold that? No? Well then fuck you it's not my problem you waited this long to find one, shit bag.

Oh and you bastards, you God damn jackasses, if you buy something that I sell at Radioshack, from Walmart, and then bring it to me at RadioShack to make it work. I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you. 

People actually pull that shit. I swear. They'll buy a phone or something at Walmart and bring it to me to teach them how to use it. Wtf. Why didn't you just buy it here you shit? They have the nerve to walk in here with that Walmart bag full of electronics so I can provide them with the proper support? They're lucky I don't burn down their houses.

Meanwhile, while all this is happening, I somehow continue to smile and nod like a trained monkey, allowing these ungrateful asses to treat me like shit, because I'm good at my job. Thanks for stopping, having a nice day.