Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hopes and Dreams

As you might or might not know, early 2012 I moved to Minnesota from Bozeman, MT in an attempt to wrestle control of my life and do my own G thang.

It's been great so far, as I've previously stated, but it's getting about time to mosey on the hell out. My next move is Seattle.

Random I know, but I got to talking with a friend of mine from Montana and he is in a similar boat. Uninspired and not completely convinced that he should go into debt just to get a stuffy career that he can work until he is dead.

We agreed that it would be awesome to just do cool shit that you love, and make a job of that. But who doesn't want that? What a pipe dream, am I right???

Well screw you, I'm going to try anyways, you pessimistic ass. I'll chase these hopes and dreams all I want.

That being the case, we decided it might be neat to relocate and actually do/attempt some of the shit we talk about. We decided Seattle might be the place, so here I am, planning on doing just that.

Anyways, extended rant aside. I'm super poor, and moving isn't cheap. That being said, I've decided to shamelessly beg the internet for money, what can it hurt? Just hear me out here, don't leave.

Click it!

Thanks in advanced, you charitable people you.