Friday, November 29, 2013

Gray Thursday

Anyone notice how Black Friday is pretty much over before Friday even starts? The fuck America? Figures we would take an already F'ed up day of consumerism and somehow bastardize it more than it already is. God we're good at shit like that.

What's the death toll this year? That's my favorite. Reading about how many people died by being crushed to death while trying to get Tickle-Me-Elmo on sale so they can make ungrateful children happy for 6 minutes.

I just don't even. I don't even know.

I wanted to go on a rant right here. About where we are as a species, but I'll skip that soapbox and give you the summarized version of my rant.

As a species we've conquered the world, traveled to space (A LOT), collided atoms together in ways that could have ended all existence, fought wars and had strife, experienced social change and revolution, made science and technology our bitch, and all so that in 2013 we can accidentally murder each other for DVDs. It blows my fucking mind. We've come a long ass way just to act like ignorant assholes.

I'm not condemning consumerism, shit, I love stuff. I want more stuff. I want to be rich just so I can fill my life with tons of useless stuff.

But I don't necessarily want to trample people to death because the most important thing in my life is a sale on that stuff.

Stop act'n so cray-cray.

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