Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Had a Dream

Story of my Fraking life. Laying in bed last night I had an idea for what to ramble on about today but by now I have completely forgotten what it was. (While writing this I got inadvertently reminded what it was by a random text from my sister, timing for the MF win)

Dreams, we all have them. I don't mean aspirations for the future, I mean those movies in your head while you sleep.

My dreams are always either some random crazy ass adventure, or so heavily plot driven it's suspicious. Some of the more complicated ones coming fully equipped with story progression, character development, and twists! What the fuck subconscious, how much time do you spend on these?

Some of the things I've done whilst asleep in just the last week -

1) I was leader of an alien invasion resistance, in which I met with the Admiral of the alien fleet and tried to talk things out (Didn't work), along with coordinating battle plans and executing general resistance. (I want to let everyone know I'm not qualified to lead such a resistance and in the case this actually happens, please don't appoint me leader, because it will surely be our doom)

2) I and a group of random characters from real life fought off a swarm of giant spiders in some sort of underground facility, using swords and other melee weapons. (If not for the cool swords and stuff, this would of been simply a nightmare)

3) I and a group of friends and family fought for survival during a Zombie Apocalypse. (Classic me)

4) I time traveled to Ancient Rome with some high school classmates and looked for both specific historical figures and proper footwear for the journey. (I made the mistake of wearing flip-flops and on the apparently very likely chance I was running or fighting I wanted to not die in flip-flops)

5) Told a random person inside my dream, that we were inside my dream, blew his mind, and had a long philosophical discussion with him about the fact I was essentially talking to a character I created, and thus myself. (Not in a crazy talking to myself way, but in a hey, so you're my subconscious, kind of way)


Brian Griffin. Not all of you, probably very few actually, but some of you watch Family Guy, like myself, and have no doubt seen or heard that Seth decided to kill off poor Brian, the dog.

I'm just as surprised as the rest of you, not as violently angry, but very much surprised.

Sure, it could be true and permanent, but I haven't dismissed the fact that Seth could be trolling us. It's totally something he would do. You know, give us the go around and make us panic, but also setting up a several episode story arch that ends with Brian coming back somehow.

Although it could just be hopeful thinking. My main point of suspicion lands on the "new dog" who seems to be too much of a blatant tool to have on the show as a real character for any extended period of time. You know, he just kind of seems like a joke.

I would think that this is a disaster that Seth is too smart to create. Unless of course he's bored and wants to change something just for the sake of turbulence. In that case yes he probably killed Brian off forever. It could go either way and certainly isn't set in stone so I'm not one to assume that it's super mega forever permanent. Though it very well could be. Who knows.

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