Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Literally Just Happened

Slow your roll guys. Can't have too much about respect and coexistence up in here. That would be terrible. Just awful.

Awful has a funny meaning these days doesn't it? It means terrible, bad, etc, you know, generally negative things, what's up with that? It literally is supposed to mean full of awe, like, awe inspiring and wondrous. How did it end up meaning terrible? Somebody clearly dropped that fucking ball, and there's always one of those guys.

Shit, there's another one, guy, did you know that was originally derogatory? It was offensive in back-in-the-day England to call someone a guy, but now it's all just another word for like man and dude and shit. Guy meant grotesque and poorly dressed. Something in reference to that Guy Fawkes fellow as it would seem. Everything we used to know is a lie! It's like we live in the freaking Matrix.

Which oddly enough, matrix, used to mean pregnant animal, yet now it seems to have more to do with science and technology than it does with any actual animal husbandry.

If you've ever thought the idea of animal husbandry as strange, husbanding animals, gross, isn't that illegal? You are in fact wrong, husband, literally had once referred to ownership, not marital status as it does today.

Not to mention the way we use literal is literally not the way it was originally meant to be used, not as we often do now for emphasis, but more to put something in the context of it's original and unaltered text. Isn't learning shit nice?

Can't stop this knowledge train now, because you mother-F-Bombs are about to be hit with one more. Learning shit is in fact NOT nice, because in ye-olden days nice actually meant ignorant and foolish.

Looks like nice guys do literally finish last, because they ignorant, poorly dressed, and awfully incorrect.

That feeling in your skull? Right behind the eyes, yeah, that one? That's your mind being blown. Boom.

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