Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reality and Similar Illusions

Two posts in two days OMGERD it must be Christmas for you people.

Having not often received any constructive feedback on hardly any posts I have made, it is sometimes hard to tell what I want to say because I honestly don't know what you want to read, I usually default to profanity and what I consider comical observation in an effort to fill the space.

I have always been interested in talking more about ideas such as the ones I discussed yesterday but being somewhere between modest and uncertain of myself I have always assumed that nobody needs to hear my bullshit ideas on stuff that I'm not qualified to talk about.

But it dawns on me, I don't give a shit whether or not you think I'm qualified, so eat my ass.

Having gotten what might be considered semi positive feedback from expressing actual ideas about actual things, I've long-windedly decided to maybe try talking more about those types of topics, just to change it up.

Welcome to The Shit I Think. Where's my fucking soapbox...

"A belief should be tested, trained, and exercised like anything else, if you want it to be true and strong." - A quote by ME, bitches.

Last post I ranted and raved about equality of opinion and further than that, lifestyle. What I expressed wasn't meant only to encompass things people think but all aspects of being a free individual.

I believe it is not morally okay to label and judge certain lifestyle choices that don't fit into what you believe to be "right". I like to remember and consider that not everyone believes what I believe, nor should they, and by that standard I can't rightfully or truly consider someone in a negative light for doing something that "I" wouldn't do.

To clarify with an example, when someone calls another person that is more sexual promiscuous a "whore" or some similar degrading title. I always personally try to avoid situations like that with negative social labels, while I'm not perfect of course and probably fall pray to that mindset from time to time, I feel it is not my place to judge a person. They may not believe that there is anything wrong with how they act and to be honest it's their life and their choices, I have no place condemning such behavior just because I might not agree. To appeal to religious people, you are not God, so let God judge that person if they must be judged, and to appeal to non-religious people, it's not at all your business, scientific or otherwise, to even care how another person runs their life so long as it doesn't somehow interfere with yours.

This is also a hard sort of personal doctrine to have because with my sort of open minded think-what-you-think view on beliefs I sort of contradict myself with labeling anything as morally wrong. It's a philosophical burden and there is no way around it I fear, I only try to justify it with this and that and hoping it to be as polished and shiny as any belief system can be.

One way to justify acting cordial towards those you disagree with is simply the old saying and golden rule, "treat others as you would be treated." We've all heard it before but somehow it doesn't hold true for so many people because they either neglect to consider it or consider the person to be somehow less than they are and thus the rule less applicable. Dicks.

For a smoother running planet I believe we should often stop and consider the golden rule though. I would imagine we ALL want people to respect us and treat us with respect, right? We can certainly buy that respect with ease by simply returning the favor.

I'm not even certain what I am trying to say at this point. But I'll tie things up in a me kind of way.

There are over 7 Billion people on this planet. Don't be a fucking idiot, of course not everyone will agree with you or think exactly like you do.

How the hell are there so many ignorant people that honestly believe that they miraculously happen to be the one person on the planet who has EVERYTHING right? Or even that they belong to the group that has everything right? AND only because they were born into the exact right family, society, culture, and religion that was in fact exactly right. Good job. Crazy how lucky these people got.

Even from a religious standpoint, the majority religion in the world right now is Christianity at about 1/3 the planet. Say that Christians are right about it all, that would still imply that MORE people are wrong than right, that twice the amount of people are wrong. And that's best case scenario. God forbid (zing) that one of the smaller groups is actually right.

Mathematically this of course doesn't bode well for humanity, unless we adopt a more accepting outlook and maybe just living the best we can is good enough and we don't have to murder each other just to be slightly more right than someone else in an ironic way that only proves how much we suck by contradicting everything we think we're about.

Challenge your ideas, consider other beliefs and views, have a good humored argument with someone different than you. Grow the fuck up and stop being a little bitch about it.


  1. Ummm so I put my email address in that little box over so I get an email notification when you rant. But...... no email update...... WTF Bitch!?! Respectfully yours, Jewbear

    1. Hmmm. Well did you click the clicky thing that is clickable?

  2. This is a belief I personally agree with. Far too many people judging others based on beliefs that not everyone shares. Way to go, brolio