Monday, November 18, 2013

Me? On Time? Never!

Yes, it's not Thursday, and to be honest, I usually post late anyways. I'm sure you've noticed.
If I was good at meeting deadlines and getting things done on time I'd probably have an advanced degree and a good job. But I don't and I'm not. You might even say I'm super super late, at this point.

So lets all just move past any expectations we might have.

I had a discussion the other day in which I had to defend the idea of hunting to a vegetarian who found it cruel and evil. Being that most of the people I love and respect are hunters, I wasn't having that shit, not one bit.

She meant well, she thought she was standing up for animals, but what she didn't know is that blind idealism can lead to a sort of silent evil. The kind that stems from being misinformed or brought to believe something, or anything, as a clear black and white issue where there is a wrong and a right. "Good" and "Bad" are hard words to define because as illustrated by this woman, there are infinite ways one can be good or bad and most situations can be made up of both good and bad. I'm hesitant to even try to define what is good and what is bad. To her hunters are bad, but to me, blindly judging someone is bad. Obviously we can't both be right, or if we are, that would mean we were also both wrong.

Opinions are dangerous that way.

Before getting into philosophy I want to round back to my point. For me the only way to solve such a conundrum is to decide that (within reason) all beliefs and opinions are valid and respectable in and of the context they are created. For her it is okay to believe hunting is evil and to refrain from doing so herself, but without judging or condemning those that do so. That to me is and always will be the best way to exist on a planet full of such a variety of opinions and beliefs. Respect and an open mind. After all it isn't my place to tell someone else what to believe and I want the respect of that same treatment in return. The only way for us as a race to truly coexist is to accept that others may be just as right as we are, and that we may be just as wrong as they are.

It is often those with a good heart that judge the most, and those with malice in their heart that judge the least. A selfish or malicious person probably doesn't care enough to judge anyone, why would they? But often I find it is the people who mean well that are the first to judge and condemn. Not to pick on religion, but that is of course a good example Religion is first and foremost a fantastic premise and idea to unite and better people, but one that often leads to the persecution and judgement of others in an attempt to "better" the world.

Here's an extreme example for you. Hitler, in his mind, was trying to better his country and the world. But he did so by harshly judging and condemning those that were different and those that didn't agree with his opinion on how to "better" the world.

Don't be a judgemental asshole. Respect others for fucks sake. That includes what they believe.

Don't be Hitler.

*I would like to clarify a few logical issues with what I present. Of course if I believe all opinions are valid and nobody is wrong, I'm clearly saying Hitler's opinion also wasn't wrong. But that's of course incorrect, I would never think that, I'm operating under the basic assumption that we all have human rights that can loosely define what is actually evil or wrong. Those human rights involve but might not be limited too the right to life and freedom. Meaning that if somebody has an opinion that actively upsets one of these rights, THAT opinion is of course invalid. Such as murder, mutilation, slavery, theft, and those types of offenses that impose on somebodies ability to be free, alive, and happy.

**This has been a public service announcement. Paid for by the Don't be a Dick Foundation.

***Don't be a dick. You dick.


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  2. Bro,
    Nice post bro. Insightful, provoking, and an all around a good time.

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