Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too Stupid to Figure it Out

So funny and offensive thing I accidentally said the other day.

There I was, chatting with my sister, and we were on the subject of lesbians for one reason or another, and then in that context I referred to "straight women", except I called them "real women" instead.

Which obviously implies that homosexual women aren't real women, which made me pause and chuckle in a concerned kind of way. I was suddenly worried that maybe I was a bigot. This of course can't be true.

You might be saying, "Well yeah, we've read your blog, no shit you're a bigot"

Yeah well fuck you buddy. I'm so totally not. Are you even reading what I'm typing? I say offensive things because I am ever a fan of cheap laughs and outrageous bits. I didn't mean a single one of the rude, appalling, offensive, mean, judgemental, or hideously prejudice things I've said. Except about the French.

Screw those people.

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